Woods: We should engage shut-ins in Sun City community


Since Sun City is known as the “city of Volunteers,” I was observing the number of people that never come out of their homes.

On my street alone there are quite a few shut-ins. What if we could engage these people in some volunteer activity? Perhaps there are positions available for a one time or short-term volunteer to get them  out of the house, maybe meet a few people and then become interested in engaging long term!

My idea (I am aware of the work and coordination this will take) is to have a column in the Independent for organizations to request when a task needs to be completed.

It would need information, what position needs help. The amount of energy it would require. How many people would be required. The time needed to complete, or how many portions of time. Which dates and times are available. Whether this would be a one time or repeated need. Ride available. Who to contact for more information.

Just a thought. Thank you for reading.

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