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West: Strict gun laws not the answer


In response to Dr. Breen’s letter. Working my way backwards with your letter, doctor.

Thou shalt not kill is the Sixth Commandment, not the Fifth. However, killing also would include killing the unborn (abortion), would it not? There are nine other commandments given to us by God. The world would be a beautiful place if only people would follow them. But they do not.

MAGA Extremist here. It’s who I am.

California does indeed have one of the toughest gun laws, but you are incorrect on your statement “their rate of shooting innocents is the lowest in the U.S.” No idea how you arrived at such a figure. The fact is gun-related homicides in California and aggravated assaulted by gun surged to 37.7% and 61.1%, respectively since 2022.

Evil in the heart of man is what kills people. Whether it be with a knife, a hammer, a crowbar or a gun. Criminals don’t purchase their guns from Cabela’s. They buy them from the trunk of a car in an alley. Unregistered, no background check, etc.

As far as following California gun safety laws, might I suggest you either return to California, or move to California.

Last point. Republican legislators have no conscience? I agree. Same with Democrat legislators.