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Weedin: Keep improving Union Hills course


Regarding the situation at Union Hills, while I would never condone vandalism the expression “agree with the message, not the method” definitely describes my take on the graffiti job done at Union Hills golf course (definitely not a country club) a few weeks back.

When I mention to friends that I live on the course, their first reaction isn’t about the course, but rather the deplorable state of the clubhouse/parking lot and “landscaping.” How sad that the one-time jewel of Sun City golf has gotten to this point.

I’d like to commend the new owners, Swing First, for the improvements that have been made, most notably improved fairways, greens, sand traps and electric carts. I’ve seen a notable increase of play, and when I played it recently would agree visible progress has been made. I read with eagerness the comments from the owners about their proposed plans. Then I — pardon the expression — laughed out loud. Not necessarily the proposal, although I question it’s viability, but the caveat that it had to be approved by all 185 owners adjacent to the course. You could offer 185 random people a new car and one of them would say no. 

I recognize the owners have taken on a giant piece of property in serious disrepair, and since I’m good at spending other people’s money, here’s some suggestions on where to start. Take down the tennis nets. Do you really think it looks better with them up? Remove or paint the “wall of shame” next to the courts. Put down some desert landscaping around the three entry signs to make it more inviting.

After that, gradually add rock and a few plants to the most neglected and unsightly areas like the area west of the area formerly referred to as tennis courts. Maybe offer a daily special and expand the menu just a little? Perhaps a happy hour in-season?  As someone who literally breathes all the dirt your mowers kick up when they “mow” the area dirt along the property lines, just stop with this waste of time and money. We’re all hopeful you will eventually begin converting to a desert landscape, but in the interim this kicking up of dirt accomplishes nothing.

I fully recognize this won’t be built in a day and am looking forward to more improvements. Until then, please stop with the crazy notion of a massive rezoning that you know the residents of Sun City will never approve. Please focus on realistic steps to bring this previous gem back to some level of respectability. Oh, and one more suggestion, perhaps offer some type of “off-peak” rate for residents on the course to let them see what you’re doing and as a thank you for putting up with this mess for all these years. Here’s hoping for good things.

This writer is using a pen name.