The Arizona Highways Collection presents Photography by Barry M. Goldwater

‘Photographs by Barry M. Goldwater: The Arizona Highways Collection’ now available


Since 1925, Arizona Highways has been sharing the history, culture and natural beauty of Arizona with readers around the world. And along the way, it has featured some of the most talented writers and photographers in the industry. Among them is Barry M. Goldwater.

Although he’s best known nationally as a U.S. senator and 1964 Presidential nominee, Mr. Goldwater’s love of politics may have been surpassed by his passion for photography. He spent a lifetime carrying around a camera, documenting the people and places of his beloved state of Arizona, and, since 1939, hundreds of his photographs have appeared on the pages of Arizona Highways.

“Mr. Goldwater was one of our early photographers,” said Arizona Highways Editor Robert Stieve in a prepared statement.

“And whenever we needed an obscure photo, either a remote landscape somewhere in the state, or a portrait from Navajoland, he was there for us. His history in our magazine is long, and we’re excited to have a sample of that history in our new book. As you’ll see, his black-and-white imagery stands the test of time.”

Mr. Goldwater is credited as expressing a deep appreciation for photography.

“My photography has taken me over, literally, every mile of the southwest, over both poles and every major country on the globe,” he said at the time. “But it is to Arizona that I turn for my inspiration and what I think has been my best work. It is my desire to share with future generations the southwest that I love.”

Many of those photographs appear in this stunning coffee table book, along with profiles of the senator.

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