Talic: Sun City resident becoming more concerned


I am a Canadian who has been coming to Sun City frequently for more than 15 years.

My parents were winter visitors for more than 25 years and since their passing a year ago, I have now inherited their house. I used to feel so good being here and felt very safe walking on the streets.

However, I am becoming more and more concerned about the homeless people that have now moved in and are begging on the major intersections, sleeping outside and littering in our neighborhoods. Because of them, Lakeview was forced to put up locked gates at 7 p.m. nightly and therefore limit our use of the beautiful park  and lake area. That makes me sad.

My suggestion is that we, as tax paying residents of Sun City, put a plan in place to help these people. I would be in agreement to offer these people, who for the most part are young and not visibly handicapped, a real job and temporary residence until they are able to pay rent on their own. If they refuse to work, then they should be removed from Sun City and banned from begging on our streets.

I am a kind and compassionate person, and I have worked very hard for the privilege of retiring to a beautiful place like Sun City. I do understand that most of these people have had a rough life, but so have a lot of other people who have risen above and worked hard to become contributing members of society. Why should we enable others to openly beg for a living and make our community less attractive and safe?

I am in agreement to pay more in taxes to help these people get off of the streets, into a recovery program and improve their lives. Does that make sense?

Maria Talic

Sun City