Sun City Players’ January production features ‘Revival’

Tickets on sale now for next 2 shows


Tickets are on sale for the Sun City Players Community Theater January production of “Revival at Possum Kingdom Community Church” and its spring musical revue “Broadway on 107th Avenue.”

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Directed by Mary Harrison, “Revival at Possum Kingdom Community Church” tells of Buddy and Alvo, two down-on-their-luck con men who find themselves broke and stranded in Possum Kingdom, Texas on a hot July day in 1950.

“Things start to look up when they meet kindly old Ella Faye and her friend Iris who are looking for a preacher to preach a revival at Possum Kingdom’s underpopulated community church,” a theater news release states. “The boys see an opportunity to make it out of town with cash in their pockets, but will the mid-hymn arrival of a misfortunate stranger change Buddy and Alvo’s outlooks for good?”

“Revival,” opening Friday, Jan. 10 was written by Linda LaRocque and is produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc. It features an ensemble cast with Players veterans Bill Loslo, Jim McConnell, Sharon Nichols, Lynette Rotolo and Tom Swenson.

Ms. Harrison compares the “Revival …” story to her childhood fascination with bubbles.

“Do you remember blowing bubbles as a child? I had a jar from the five and dime, and a wand to dip in it and blow through,” she said. “The bubbles would catch rainbows from the sunlight and dance through the air.

“As humans, we tend to live in our own little bubble one day at a time. That bubble becomes familiar to us, and we come to consider our own bubble as the proper order of the world. What happens when bubbles float together and collide? I remember the joy when, every now and then, a pair of stuck bubbles merged into one big, glorious, shining, bubble. Magic.”

All Players meetings and shows take place at Mountain View Recreation Center, 9749 N. 107th Ave., Sun City.

Membership is open to Recreation Centers of Sun City cardholders; however, performances are open to everyone.

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Editor’s note: Nancy Rasmussen handles publicity for Sun City Players Community Theater.