Sun City COA tuning up assistance program

Offers help to smaller associations


After a successful pilot year, the Condo Owners Association of Sun City Board of Directors is tuning up the program.

The program is designed to help those smaller condo associations that cannot afford to hire a management company. The COA board assists with day-to-day operations and board issues. However, it does not manage association finances or landscaping needs, according to Jerry Walczak, COA board president.

“This is something we felt needed to be done for those associations that were having trouble in some areas,” Mr. Walczak said. “Whether it’s finding people to run for the board, conducting meetings or understanding the law.”

While the COA offers workshops that cover those and other topics, there are some groups that needed extra help, he added.

There are 386 condo associations in Sun City. The COA has no legal authority over them, but serves in an advisory capacity.

Mr. Walczak said the number of associations that can be helped is limited. Each COA board member serves up to but no more than three associations.

“We are all volunteers and we don’t have a large paid staff, so our time is limited and we don’t want to over burden any directors,” Mr. Walczak explained.

The COA board plans to continue the program and will establish program guidelines. The board will conduct a work session Wednesday, May 20 to discuss potential policies.

The COA board is also considering charging a fee to real estate agents and title companies for information provided relating to property transactions.

“We provide a lot of information and it takes a lot of our time and money to gather it,” Mr. Walczak said.

Sam Estok, COA board vice president, said the fee would also help COA staff and volunteer focus on their main mission.

“We should be serving our associations, not the Realtors and title companies,” he said.