Sun City clubs have no access to space at Bell center

Uncertain how soon they can return


Members of four clubs in Bell Recreation Center, 16820 N. 99th Ave., are displaced while an electrical problem is repaired.

The clubs lost their spaces last month when an issue was discovered with an electrical cable, according to Chris Herring, Recreation Centers of Sun City assistant general manager. He said Nov. 11 it was uncertain exactly when club members could return to the spaces. But total repair time was estimated at six weeks.

“We are waiting on the engineers’ design,” he said during the RCSC board’s Nov. 11 meeting.

The power outage to the area began Oct. 8 due to an event in a conduit feeding electrical service from the entry on the south side of the bowling alley to the clubs area severely damaging the serice feed, according to Mr. Herring in his Oct. 31 report to the board. Club affected include Stained Glass, Silvercraft, Lapidary and Sewing/Quilting. Power was shut down to the clubs area Oct. 29 to allow for removal of electrical cables from the conduit. The conduit will then be examined by camera to determine the extent of the damage.

Due to safetuy concerns, access to those rooms was restricted until electrical power is restored, according to Mr. Herring.

However, those clubs are preparing for the annual fall festival and members want to gather their materials.

“We want to know the progress of the electrical problems,” said Silvercraft member Ron Butler. “There are all kinds of rumors floating around.”

Meredith Tresca also asked if there were some way to allow members to enter the club spaces to get their personal belongings.

Mr. Herring some supervised access has been granted and there could be opportunities for additional opportunities.

“But there is no lighting in there so it is a safety issue for unfettered access,” he said.

Mr. Herring, responding to one rumor Mr. Butler mentioned about the pool having to be dug up, said the electrical issue would not affect the pool area.

Some residents suggested using generators to provide power to the club rooms. However, Mr. Herring said that would be counterproductive to the repair efforts.

“That would bring power into a space where we are doing repair work,” he said.

Mr. Herring also said affected clubs are not totally dead in the water as other clubs are sharing space in the meantime. Ms. Tresca said that may be working for some clubs but not all.