SCHOA Foundation needs contributions

Group helps with HOA RAMP


With the holiday season well underway, the SCHOA Foundation officials are looking for contributions so the agency can help clean up Sun City properties.

The SCHOA Foundation, an arm of Sun City Home Owners Association, is a 501(c)(3) designated corporation under the Internal Revenue Service guidelines, allowing anyone to make tax-deductible donations to the foundation. Those donations will be put to use in the continuing efforts to keep Sun City properties clean, which helps maintain good property values, according to Lloyd Maple, foundation board president.

“The primary focus of the foundation today is RAMP,” he stated in an email. “RAMP is a program to assist members of our community who are unable physically and or financially to maintain their property to community standards.”

Previously, the foundation was known as Sun City Residents Action Program, whose primarly objective was to get the exterior common walls in the community cleaned and painted. The project was originally projected to take 10 years at a cost of $25,000 per year. But it was completed well ahead of schedule and below budget.

When it was renamed and restructured, the foundation took on a different mission through the funding and coordination of projects that do not fall under the umbrella of responsibilities of other community agencies or organizations.

“With SCHOA, the foundation is committed to maintaining our property and community values for generations to come,” Mr. Maple stated.

While RAMP is the foundation’s main focus now, the agency would be available for other causes, including future needs for the walls. Mr. Maple said because the walls project was completed under budget, the leftover funds were rolled over into the foundation and designated for use on the walls.

To be eligible for a RAMP project, a homeowner must meet certain income and other requirements to receive assistance, according to Mr. Maple. Under the program, SCHOA will clean the exterior of a property, including pruning of vegetation and removal of weeds, to bring a property into compliance with the CC&Rs.

SCHOA utilizes volunteers and select business partners in these efforts, according to Mr. Maple. The funding for RAMP comes through the foundation and is entirely funded by donations.

Call SCHOA at 623-974-4718 or send donations to SCHOA Foundation, SCHOA office, 10401 W. Coggins Drive, Sun City, AZ