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Fimmel: Recreation Centers of Sun City need residents’ help


We have the opportunity of a lifetime to shape our community and to chart a course that will prepare us for the future. The key to meeting the challenges ahead that we face is the willingness of our members to be informed on issues and to become active participants in the process of self-governance. As the keepers of our community, our members should be willing to ask difficult questions, be willing to hear and accept answers and to participate together to create solutions that are in the best interests of the corporation, the community, and its members. If we are to sustain our community for another 60 years, change is inevitable and necessary.

We are fortunate in that our community is populated by an amazing array of intelligent members who possess a wide variety of talents and skills and a willingness to share their life experiences in invaluable ways. There seems to be some concern among our members that generational change will impact our level of volunteerism. While some of our new owners are still working and probably will be for a while, this is not a new phenomenon. Past generations of Sun City homebuyers continued to work and found time to volunteer and to take more than a passing interest in what was going on in the community. Changes in the workforce today will likely result in the need for greater flexibility in all aspects of living here. One thing we can be sure of is that the members of Sun City will rise to the challenge and continue to make this community a great place to live.

Let’s be clear, every community, including our own Sun City, has issues that need to be addressed. Self-governance requires constant vigilance, which is why we broke with tradition and had two committees, the Strategic Alternatives Committee and the Budget and Finance Committee, working throughout the summer. We offer a note of thanks to all of the committee members for the strenuous efforts they put forth over the summer on these projects.

The SAC members are working on the Mountain View project and are identifying and designing a solution for it. The process has proven more complex than anticipated, and as a result, their time frame has been pushed forward.

In another departure from tradition, B&F has opened the process for developing our annual budget. They have been meeting every other Wednesday throughout the summer. Members are encouraged to attend the meetings as well as contact any member of the committee.

We anticipate that the 2024 budget will be presented in late October 2023. In addition to preparation of the budget, B&F will also be revising the budget format to make the information easier to comprehend.

Are you wondering how you can learn more about the working of the RCSC or looking for a place to make a difference? Do you have an hour or two available per month? Do you have a skill or passion that is being neglected? Please consider volunteering on one of our existing committees; for example, Bowling, Properties, Golf, Election, or Insurance, to name a few. While these might not be your cup of tea, there is also talk of resurrecting at least two former committees, Communication and Legal Affairs. And who knows? You might just end up running for the board!

We need your help. Opportunity is all around us. Will you answer the call?