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Peloquin: Recreation Centers of Sun City board should focus on residents needs


I have been a Sun City resident for nine years. Own my home with my wife. We love the Sun City life.

I have written once to this paper, I think in the last nine year, but can’t keep quiet anymore.

I am 64 years old getting ready to retire. My wife works also. She is getting ready to retire soon few more years.

Afraid of the damage this board is trying to do Sun City in my opinion.

This board has no idea what Sun City residents want. It’s their own clique of people trying to get their own agenda passed. Good board members resign in the middle of terms because of them.
The waste of money on Mountain View remodel alone should show this. I hear up to $1 million has been spent over the years on this project alone with no end in site . Hard to get an exact answer from anyone.

First was pickleball needed more courts, now that’s been passed along , now it’s the preforming arts.

How many Sun City residents want to watch residents play make believe?

I am not sure what to do, but all this should stop and have the board work on things that are real in Sun City!

Yes, Mountain View is in need of redo, but this board is no way able to make the right decisions for residents to much there own agenda.

I think the safety for all Sun City residents should be first and foremost. Between cars and golf cars stolen from rec centers and catalytic converters right from under our nose in rec center parking lots and the amount of vandalism in our sun city property is unbelievable.

Cameras are not going to work and cover the entire rec center parking lot clearly with out costing millions and millions. We can’t even get a homeless person off Sun City property without signs for trespassing and a major incident with the sheriff’s office, which are great around Sun City an all over Arizona.

We have a rehab center right next to a rec center. Go ask Fairway rec center employees and guests what they think of it being there. Why hasn’t Fairway had cameras installed to see how well they deter vandals?

The amount of damage they have done to our rec center is documented. I know Maricopa County allowed it to go there but why didn’t we complain get a petition this board loves petitions.
We can’t even stop residents from bringing there dogs onto Sun City property to poop. Don’t get me started on dogs and the way people drive in Sun City.

I have seen way too many accidents this year. Too many old drivers holding their dogs while they drive a care.

Sad to say where in the times when all Sun City property should have big fences up. Scan you Rec Center card before being able to even drive in as you enter parking lot.

I don’t think I have all the answers. So we have a choice to make. Sun City residents should get rid of this board this December when you vote and any of there friends who are running don’t vote for.

I think a lot board members think they are smarter than rest of us. Maybe went to college in the ‘50s or ‘60s or even ‘70s. Times change, and our thinking has to change before all we have to do is pickleball an we watch residents play make believe.

So like many of the residents that go to board meetings older than 65, my generation will be in charge soon! Maybe another five years, we have better choices for board members. Make Sun City great and safe again.