RCSC board to tap management for Sun City club choices

Space allocation could become official


Recreation Centers of Sun City management will have the responsibility — officially — if the corporation board approves a motion during its next meeting.

The question of who determined club space allocation came up in the spring during discussion of the Grand Avenue property’s planned second building. The property, 10415 W. Grand Ave., was purchased several years ago for renovation to accommodate more clubs. During the planning process for the buioding, in addition to renovating the existing building, a former Asian buffet restaurant, a second building would be constructed to house the Vintage Vehicle Club of Sun City and a limited number of other clubs.

In the spring, the board addressed the dissention about who determined club space by coming to a consensus that RCSC management determined club space. However, that was not codified in official policy.

The issue came up again when RCSC officials wanted to move the Sun City RV Club to accommodate the Entertainment and Activities department as part of a plan to change the way show tickets are offered to members. Some RV Club members were not happy with the plan and claimed they were not consulted.

The RCSC board will consider, on a third reading during its next meeting 9 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 31 in the auditorium at Sundial Recreation Center, 14801 N. 103rd Ave., a proposal to change its policy to officially designate management to determine club space.

The proposal first appeared as an agenda item during the board’s Sept. 26 meeting, striking out the word board and replacing it with RCSC management as the entity designated to determine club space. But after consultation prior to the meeting, board member Rich Hoffer amended the proposal by removing a sentence that read, “However, Management may not take occupied club space for managemrnt’s use.” As amended, the agenda item was approved to a second reading at the Oct. 14 board meeting.

That small amendment drew the ire of resident Don Thompson, an RV Club member. Speaking at the Oct. 14 meeting, he chastized the board for taking the club’s space without the club’s consent.

“This is just camoflage for the eviction of the RV Club,” he said. “This club has been here (Sundial Recreation Center, 14801 N. 103rd Ave.) since this building was constructed.”

He added that while the motion had yet to be adopted, it was presented to the club as if it were.

“Five other clubs have been displaced, money spent and documents signed and a move date is pending the passage of this motion,” Mr. Thompson said.

But Bob McKay, club president, affirmed the club officers backed the relocation of the group.

“We do have a signed agreement,” he said during the Oct. 14 meeting.

With the subsequent amendments, the motion will read, “Chartered Clubs are assigned temporary (used only for a period of time by a club) or dedicated (used only by that club) space. RCSC Management has the authority and responsibility to direct similar clubs to merge or share dedicated space in order to provide efficient utilization of RCSC Facilities.”