Portillo: Where were voices when bill considered for Sun City


Where were our voices for this law to pass?

I am on the board of the Dijon Court HOA and now have to ensure all homeowners that have emails get their electronic notices via the email from our property management company for a charge of 75 cents per unit. If they do not let the management company know to receive the invoices via email, the management company will mail the invoices and our HOA will be charged $1.75 per unit.

We have 39 units. Every cost is critical to managing our monthly HOA. Seventy-five cents times 39 equals $29.24 per month as a minimum. If they are mailed 39 units times $1.75 equals $68.20.

I encourage any HOA group to get involved and ensure you are only being charged the absolute minimum of 75 cents per unit. The law is only for managed properties with under 50 units.

The law that established this is Senate Bill 1531 and it is about seven pages long. That is where it defines what the number of units it applies to and if you are managed by a management company. It is required and notification is required by law either by email or by mail if you have no email.

This is an added cost to all that are managed and have HOA fees. This was passed last year and became effective in 2020.

Editor’s Note: SB 1531 requires notification of delinquent accounts and allows management companies to charge a convenience fee, but the law does not specify the amount for the convenience fee.