Oaks: HOAs set up to ensure decorum


Mr. Bellows (“Resident wants neighbors to vote ‘no’ on CC&Rs,” Sun City Independent, Nov. 13, 2019) complains vehemently about the proposed CC&R changes from Sun City Home Owners Association and recommends that we only allow “county regulations“ to control our property maintenance.

As a non-SCHOA member, it seems he doesn’t like HOAs in general. Fine. Why knowingly move into one then?

Most HOAs are set up deliberately to ensure a certain neighborhood decorum. This helps to maintain property values and is one of the reasons I moved to Sun City. Check out county only regulation controlled neighborhoods. They tend to have more vehicles on stands, weeds growing everywhere and often dilapidated structures making these streets an eyesore.

Maybe the wording of the proposed changes could be better and some changes aren’t needed.

However, we elect this SCHOA board to protect our property values through CC&Rs, as most HOAs do. If we want different regulations, then we need to get involved with SCHOA. They are here for our benefit and our property values on 50-year-old homes. Neighborhoods prove this.