Loslo: Mountain View delay is slap in the face in Sun City


I’ve been a volunteer at the Recreation Centers of Sun City for 18 years, the delay of the Mountain View project is more than an inconvenience it a slap in the face.

There have been six committees gathering information about Mountain View over the years and all have come up with a recommendation for a performing arts center at Mountain View. A survey was done in 2002 as to what people wanted in Sun City and the one thing that had the biggest response was a performing arts center. It was to be the next project after Fairway Center was completed. But then the roof collapsed at Sundail and it was delayed.

Then the board changed and was heavy with golfers, most of the funds went to golf and the Mountain View project was once again delayed. It has happened year after year and here we are again — another delay. But this time it’s different, this is not so much a delay as a change of focus.

Two board members have publicly stated that Mountain View should be a sports complex. If that happens. the Sun City Players will be force out with nowhere else to go and it will kill a club that was started in 1961 and Sun City will loose live stage theater, and the other 10 performing arts clubs will have to remain in less than ideal venues.

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