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Hegg: No question RCSC should purchase property


Regarding the front page article in the Sun City Independent about the Recreation Centers of Sun City purchasing the the former hospital on North  111th Avenue and North Thunderbird Boulevard, it seems like there should be no debate.

Firstly we do not need another situation as happened at 107th and Peoria when the old funeral home was sold and is now a drug rehab business. Those living and working in that area know the pitfalls of that decision. As we are not a city with code and regulation enforcement Sun City needs to have control over what comes into our community.

The above mentioned property is most likely the last property within the confines of Sun City that will be available for us to purchase. Could part of it not be leased back to Maricopa County for the library, which would solve the RCSC desire to not extend the libraries leases at Bell & Fairway centers?

We have an opportunity to keep this building/property under the control of Sun City whether we use it or lease it, at least we own it and can say what happens at that location.