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Lane: Group homes must rezone first


I read the opinion and concern about group homes in Sun City.

If you consult https://goodlaw.legal/some-group-home-facts-you-need-to-know/, it appears that any group home with 10 residents must first be rezoned.

I also believe, in my opinion, that it violates HOA rules to pave a backyard for 10 parking spots.

The fire department should also be consulted, although I expect the building permit process may include this, but responding to a fire with 10 residents in a single-family one-story home can be a challenge.

The Sun City HOA, as weak as it is, should start a special fund from Sun City residents and sue these homes. We may lose, but we will for sure lose if no one even tries.

The housing in Sun City is the cheapest in the Valley, and so are the taxes, which is why they are targeting this area. If enough homes are remodeled with 10 people under the age of 55, we are going to lose the age exemption for Sun City. That would be a nightmare.