Kaiser: Patterson commentary was right on climate change


What a refreshing change to read an honest evaluation of the climate change hoax we are being subjected to (“Climate change fear not supported by facts”). His last paragraph sums up the purpose behind the climate movement.

When the key U.S. proponents of these climate policies are world class grifters like Paul Erlich, Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden the U.S, is being mislead. They spread mis-, dis-, and mal-information about our pending doom. Their actions speak louder than words.

• In 1968, Paul Erlich predicted hundreds of millions would starve to death by 1980 due to limited resources. That did not happen, nor have any other of his apocolyptic predictions. He has been wrong about everything. But still he marches on.

• Al Gore predicted the demise of glaciers and rising sea levels placing major US cities underwater. He battled it by buying a $6,000,000 house on the beach in California. His Tennessee homes uses 21 times the power of an average American home. An “Inconvienient Truth” indeed.

• John Kerry has worked to undermine America since the ‘60s. He flys around the world to save us from ourselves. He meets with other “extraterrestrials” to plot the demise of our standard of living (not theirs). He once registered his yacht in neighboring state to avoid paying taxes. A true patriot.
• Barrack Obama joined Al Gore in declaring rising oceans would drown the coasts. Apparently, Martha’s Vineyard and H’awaii are exempt; he owns beach front properties in both.

• Joe Biden has caused immense suffering through inflation caused by a war on natural oil and gas. His vision to turn America into an electrical wonderland is dependent on obtaining resources from our adversaries! His past deeds to enrich himself and his family are coming to light now. It does not speak highly of our current political class.

More and more I see EVs on the road, driven by the virtue signaling planet savers. While EVs serve a purpose in reducing fumes and noise in congested urban areas, they are far from green. The battery in a Tesla weighs about 1,000 lbs. To get the raw materials 50,000 lbs. of ore are required, and to get this 500,000 lbs. of overburden are required. Diesel powered shovels, excavators, and trucks are used to create a hole 50’ x 50’ x 3’ deep for each and every battery. How

environmentally friendly! The cobalt for these batteries comes from Africa, mined by children with no regard for age or safety. Lithium is extracted in brine ponds using a mix of chemicals toxic to the environment. Without government subsidies and mandates, EVs would die on the vine.

Why the great concern about CO2 anyway? In high school science we learned about photosynthesis, the process whereby plants use sunlight and CO2 to produce sugars (glucose) and release oxygen into the atmosphere. Isn’t this a good thing? The plants are eaten by herbivores (and vegans). The herbivores are then consumed by humans to sustain life. Plants require a minimum of 250 parts per million (ppm) to survive. Any less, and they die, and so do we. Current CO2 levels at roughly 380 ppm are perilously close to the minimum. If anything, we need more CO2! Everybody...get in your car, SUV, or pickup truck and take a long drive this Sunday to help sustain life as we know it!

About 10,000 years ago ice sheets a mile or more thick covered much of the northern United States. Where did they go? When archeologists start uncovering ruins of 10,000 year old SUVs, factories, coal plants, and homes with deadly gas stoves I’ll start to believe. Until then, I’ll continue to believe we are being manipulated by the grifters for for purely selfish reasons.

The above barely scratches the surface of the climate change folly. Spend an hour and half to watch “Planet of the Humans,” a Michael Moore documentary on “Green Energy.”
It will open your eyes.