Havard: Yes, Jill, there is an HOA in Sun City


Jill Schafer (“There is no HOA in Sun City,” Sun City Independent, Nov. 20, 2019) is totally mistaken to believe that “there is no HOA in Sun City.”

There IS a HOA in Sun City — a bona fide, legitimate HOA. There are rules regarding property condition, maintenance and so forth. Sun City Home Owners Association does respond to complaints about noncompliance. After all, its compliance division is complaint driven.

But what Schafer apparently doesn’t know is that letters of noncompliance are only sent out after an inspector has physically inspected the property and verified the violation. Enforcing the rules is not harassment. “Harassment” is the usual bromide trotted out by violators. Just like the speeder protests that the police officer is harassing him by stopping him for speeding. It’s not harassment, it’s simply enforcing the rules.

As for not getting a business referral unless you are a SCHOA member, that only makes sense. Name any other organization or club where you can get member benefits without being a member?

David Havard

Sun City

Jill, is, HOA, Sun City