Duncan: Sun City, Youngtown condo residents get water rebate checks


The Mission of the Sun City Community Assistance Network is to, “Connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living.

In other words, Sun City CAN helps people save money on things like property taxes, income taxes, utilities, Medicare premiums, prescription drugs and other things.

Many benefits go unclaimed simply because people are unaware that the benefits exist. In an effort to shed light on some of the help that is available to low-income seniors, I will write a guest commentary each month about a different senior help program.

EPCOR rebates

Low-income condo residents may be eligible for a $120 rebate check from EPCOR Water every six months.

This program is available to both condo renters and condo owners as well as apartment dwellers who live in Sun City and Youngtown.

This program came into existence because low-income condo residents cannot get a discount on their water bills. The water bills are paid by the condo association. These rebate checks are issued in lieu of the discount that low-income residents who live in houses can receive.

To be eligible for the rebate program, you must be a condo resident or apartment resident in either Sun City or Youngtown. You cannot be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return. You must have a monthly income less than $1,562 for a single and $2,114 for two persons. There are currently 265 condo households enrolled in the EPCOR Condo Water Program. Checks are mailed out every six months in May and November.

This program is authorized by the Arizona Corporation Commission, funded by EPCOR and administered by Sun City Community Assistance Network.

If you think you are eligible for the EPCOR Condo Water Program, call Sun City CAN at 623-933-7530 and make an appointment with one of their benefits assistance counselors. They will provide the necessary application forms. The CAN office is located at 10195 W. Coggins Drive.  

Editor’s Note: Hugh Duncan is Sun City Community Assistance Network board president.