Delano: Time that flies by is time well served in Sun City


As they say, time flies by when you’re having fun, and my time serving on the Recreation Centers of Sun City Board of Directors is no exception.

First, it has been an honor and a privilege to serve on this board the past three years and to have been president during this period of growth and change.

Much time and angst was spent standing our ground regarding reverse mortgages some time back. In spite of pleas from area real estate professionals and the slow-moving wheels of government within the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, our refusal to change RCSC bylaws allowed us to prevail, keeping this issue from negatively impacting the integrity of this community forever.

This past April, the way RCSC board meetings are being conducted was drastically changed, and while we have struggled at times, the process and procedures for open meetings continues to morph. With two board meetings each month, members now have even more opportunities to address the board than ever before. Since the board no longer conducts work sessions, all discussions are now held in the open. Along with continued video recordings and postings of these meetings, it is truly a work in progress that everyone can see.

Another interesting saying that reminds me of this time spent on the board is, “Good things come to those who wait.” Getting the Grand Center property work approved and underway is another fine example of recent collaborative work with management and I am sure good things will happen at the Mountain View Center property as well when the time comes.

To those who have served previously on the RCSC Board of Directors, thank you for your time, dedication and compassion. Your desire to have Sun City continue to be an attractive place to live and simply enjoy life will remain ever present. I can honestly say now that I know how it feels.

As the rest of you wait on the sidelines or act as Monday morning quarterbacks, take some time to understand the responsibilities and functions of our community organizations. Be willing to learn. Devote some time and energy for a cause. Be determined and persistent. Better yet, get involved!

Thank you again for giving me this opportunity. Wishing all my best to the 2020 RCSC Board of Directors. Thanks again, and God bless!

Editor’s Note: Jerry DeLano is Recreation Centers of Sun City board president for 2019.