Changes beginning for Sun City Posse

Officials planning for future


Changes are already beginning for the Sun City Posse as Richard Nonini settles in as the organization’s new commander.

The all-volunteer agency is seeing continued growth with new members, both patrol and associate, joining monthly. One member was recognized during the Posse’s Feb. 4 general membership meeting for completing training and two more training classes will begin next month.

Mr. Nonini also announced a new position to bolster the agency’s front office.

“We’re going to start having a lieutenant of the day to be available to help people who come in looking for more information than our receptionists can give them,” he said.

Posse officials are also gearing up for a second location. The Posse plans to have a branch office in the Grand Avenue facility recently purchased and currently being renovated by the Recreation Centers of Sun City. The building is located at 10415 W. Grand Ave.

“The rec centers officials are telling us they are on target to complete that project in late-April or early-May,” Mr. Nonini said. “Right now we are looking at just how to staff that location.”

Chris Herring, RCSC assistant general manager, reported in the board’s Jan. 30 meeting the Grand Avenue project is a little delayed and completion is now targeted for May, not April.

One possibility for the new Posse location there is a procurement department Mr. Nonini wants to establish.

Led by the commander, Posse administration is planning beyond the existing year, according to Vicki Foelsch, administrative officer.

“We need to make some adjustments so future governing boards know what has been set up and where the organization is going,” she said.

Mr. Nonini implemented a planning director position and appointed Roberta Lambin, a former Posse commander, to fill it.

“We’ve reached a point of transition for the Posse,” he said. “We are now at the point to ask what the Posse is and how can we be more effective.”

He hopes to have the beginnings of a strategic plan by the end of 2020.

Posse officials also made changes to its official website, which went live last week. The site provides information about the group and ways Sun City residents can get involved.

While it is live, the website remains “under construction” and new items will be added and existing items enhanced.


The Posse is funded through community donations. The organization receives no tax monies or contributions from Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, according to Danny Moore, Posse treasurer. The organization conducts a letter campaign each fall to raise funds.

“We are really close to reaching our goal,” Mr. Moore said. “We are doing very well with our donations.”

Donors can still send in their contributions, he added.

“We take donations throughout the year also,” Mr. Moore said.

The Posse in 2017 began a transition from an agency under the auspices of the MCSO to a standalone organization. Mr. Nonini said that transition went smoothly and praised those who led the charge.

“Mary (Heiser), Mike (Murphy) and Danny (Moore) did a great job of making that happen,” he said.

Ms. Heiser received a special gift Feb. 4 as she retired from the organization after serving 13 years. She and Mr. Moore were commanders during the Posse’s transition from MCSO affiliated to a standalone agency.

“If it weren’t for Mary, I wouldn’t be in the Posse,” Mr. Nonini said. “And I wouldn’t be here (as commander) without her.”

He added Ms. Heiser helped bring the Posse back to what it used to be.

Despite ending its affiliation with the MCSO, the Posse continues to work closely with the agency that provides law enforcement services to the unincorporated age-restricted community.