Braband: Yearly dues should be less for closures in Sun City


I agree with Joe Comito (“RCSC should follow example of others,” Sun City Independent, May 6, 2020) that RCSC should subtract the days that rec centers were closed from our yearly payment.

My auto insurance company is reimbursing us 25% of our monthly bill for the month of March. Even APS is waiving late payments until people get back to work. I know the majority of the people living in Sun City don’t work, but there are a few who are still working and a little break like this is a big help to them.

Our position in Sun City is unique. We pay yearly for the use of the rec facilities. I believe if you pay for something, then you should be entitle to use it. If you pay ahead and you don’t use a portion of it, then you should be reimbursed for the portion that you did not use.