Bellows: Resident wants neighbors to vote ‘no’ on Sun City CC&Rs


Why would any right-thinking person go along with this anti homeowner nonsense. Vote “no” on these CC&R changes.

Parking on the streets, for example. The streets are owned by the county not the homeowners association. As long as we are following parking rules that the county requires, leave us allow.

Why would any one give up the option of renting there home out on a short-term basis. The homeowners association position is that there could be loud parties. This is nonsense, people that want to party don’t come to Sun City! The proposed change would prohibit rentals of 29 days or less. What’s next, banning rentals all together? It could happen.

Telling a surviving spouse under 55 they can keep their property but they’re not allowed to have anyone in the house younger than 55? Where do you people come from? Who do you think you are telling people who they can associate with? What have you got against well-kept wooden fences? Garages must have the driveway leading to it. Where else would the driveway lead?

None of these proposed changes are necessary, let allow make sense. The homeowners association should realize our homes are not condos, they are private homes. The reason I live in a private home is less rules and control. I do not belong to SCHOA just because of this type of nonsense that these changes represent. Maybe this is why so few residents belong to SCHOA.

I strongly suggest before voting for these changes, that you realize what rights you are giving up, and the power you are giving to an organization that wants to have the power to control you. The county has laws governing these issues, we don’t need more restrictive rules.

According to SCHOA, Sun City can’t survive without these changes. I call BS.

I suggest we  vote “no” on the proposed changes. Do we really want a few special interest people with an ax to grind tell us what we can and can’t do with our property?

Tom Bellows

Sun City