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Anthony: Make Sun City golf pay for itself


I see the Recreation Centers of Sun City powers want to raise the annual assessment another $50 this year after just raising it last year. I also read that only some 20% of the Sun City population plays golf. So the question seems to be obvious to me: why isn’t the golf operations self sufficient?

When you pick up a club, you resign yourself to the fact that it’s expensive. Good clubs must be fitted, lessons, of course let’s not forget the outfit. Point being golf is not for the masses. That’s fine. I played in my youth, enjoyed the exercise but those days are behind me.

What I haven’t figured out is why the 80% who don’t play in the community must pay for those 20%. I get there are fees involved to pay golf, both additional annual and daily green fees. If they aren’t high enough for golf to pay its way, raise them or plow the courses. Way more people want to play pickleball it would seem. I am reading some people say 100 more courts. I know just where to build them.

Make golf pay it’s own way instead of relying on the masses to subsidize it.