Andrews: Sun City COAs have different approach


Jim Hunter, Sun City Home Owners Association president, is leading an effort to revise the rules that apply to single-family dwellings in Sun City.

With regard to condo associations, Jerry Walczk, SCHOA board member and Condo Owners Association of Sun City board president, was quoted as saying, “(COAs) are over-regulated, in my opinion.” As he also noted, COAs must follow a plethora of federal, state and county laws, their own CC&Rs, non-profit corporation rules and others. 

He is right of course. 

But with so many rules, who in the world can possibly follow all of them? Who can even know most of them? Enforcement of all those rules has to then be hit and miss at best. 

There are 384 individual COAs, each with their own volunteer boards. They operate on their own with absolutely no independent oversight by anyone. We in COAs get along with our neighbors because we have too. Our neighbors are just on the other side of the wall. We only own our little condo itself, everything else is held in common. 

Single-family homeowners own their own property as well as their dwelling. They think they can do anything they want with that property. One simply cannot pull the kind of stuff in COAs that some property owners try to pull in the SCHOA.

Rich Andrews

Sun City