Andrews: Applaud Sun City HOA for revision of CC&Rs


I applaud the Sun City Home Owners Association for its timely action in revising our community’s rules.

The new proposed CC&Rs are improved, in my view, and therefore should be immeasurably easier to enforce.

Although there have been other issues addressed, the main one that gave rise to this revision effort had to do with obnoxious, towering, detached structures. Or as one of the Independent’s readers said, “a structure that looks like a commercial building!”

Too bad that after these new rules are hopefully approved, the current multi-story, RV-storage-shed eyesores will, no doubt, be grandfathered.

But I suggest then that the SCHOA promptly slap a lien on the property with the now non-conforming structure on it. Before title can be transferred that non-conforming structure has to either be removed or brought into compliance with the new rule — that is, brought down to be no higher than the neighboring homes in the area.

Seems only right to me.