Amaro: Scary that some not being serious in Sun City


Common sense and majority rule are principles that most boomers were raised to respect and practice in our daily lives.

I am dumbfounded and sad for our country, state and local communities as we watch deniers and other fringe elements of our religious and political institutions continue to ignore common sense practices (like social distancing) during a pandemic of this magnitude, and it sickens me that religious and political party fundamentalists (on both sides) demand that their individual rights and beliefs are more important than the collective majority of citizens.

Many in our communities are diagnosed and dying daily! According to this paper, two people in Sun City were confirmed with the virus, probably more by now. While I recognize some in our community may wish to exercise their individual rights, they have no right (morally or constitutionally) to compromise the health and safety of others.

I applaud Sun City officials and Recreation Centers of Sun City leaders for placing the safety of the majority of its community members first, by closing the various rec centers. I am hopeful that officials develop and provide a daily COVID-19 information hotline in Sun City that can give out information regarding local businesses and medical partnerships that can provide reliable and timely information regarding the pandemic, future medical testing, access to basic health care and safety, food and basic essentials, as well as other mental support links throughout this historical and sinister crisis.