Webber: Abortion is improper, immoral

Posted 5/10/22

Regrettably, the U.S. is still performing abortions at alarming rates, only one of six countries in the world doing so. Just this past week the wheels came off at the Supreme Court over the matter. …

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I am anchor

Webber: Abortion is improper, immoral


Regrettably, the U.S. is still performing abortions at alarming rates, only one of six countries in the world doing so. Just this past week the wheels came off at the Supreme Court over the matter.

A draft opinion from Justice Alito discussing the possibly of overturning the 1973 Roe v Wade abortion decision was leaked to the press, unprecedented misbehavior in SCOTUS history. (Final decisions have been leaked, but never internal documents.) It was a shocking leak emanating from one of the most revered institutions in the world.

The memo mentioned a Mississippi law prohibiting abortions after 15 weeks. (Seems like a reasonable approach if the macabre procedure must be continued.) Someone, likely a forthcoming-unemployed pro-choice law clerk, leaked the memo, setting off a firestorm between pro-choice and pro-life crowds.

Senate Majority “Leader,” Chuck Schumer who has been on the public teat seemingly since dinosaurs roamed earth, went ballistic over the situation…again. In 2020 he threatened SCOTUS judges with retaliation for even considering addressing Roe v. Wade, which got him rebuked from Chief Justice Roberts.

This week Schumer yammered on the Senate floor he would force a vote on the legalization so everyone would appear on the record for their abortion stance…before the election. He feels this issue will rally the Democrats in order to not get shellacked in the upcoming November elections. Methinks, he has erred in judgment given all the other problems going on in this country, but, I’m from Chebanse…

Immediately after Schumer’s outburst, home addresses to conservative judges were leaked by somebody, further threatening them. By the weekend they were illegally appearing outside the homes of the justices. This now passes for politics as usual. Smooth move, Chuck!

Pro-choice zealots began spray-painting churches with graffiti declaring, “my body-my choice.” A Molotov cocktail was chucked into an anti-abortion office in Madison WI. No reports have been issued from pro-life advocates acting in such immature and thuggish ways. Ironically, just a year ago, the slogan “my body, my choice” was deemed irrelevant when the government was trying to force people to take COVID-19 injections against their will.

Illinois governor “Toilets” Pritzker jumped into the fray with both left feet, stating, “…no matter what atrocity of an opinion the Supreme Court officially rolls out this summer in regards to Roe v Wade — abortion will always be safe and legal here in Illinois. Illinois is and will remain a beacon of hope in an increasingly dark world…” So, in Pritzker’s snobbish noggin’, a dark world is one in which abortions are not allowed?

Never one to shy from being an oxymoron, a supposedly devout Roman Catholic Biden has sided with the baby killing bunch, demonstrating he has no conviction and/or brain cells. When asked about the SCOTUS potential ruling, Biden mumbled, “I believe that a woman’s right to choose is fundamental, Roe has been the law of the land for almost 50 years, and basic fairness and the stability of our law demand that it not be overturned.”

Evidently liking the taste of his foot, he followed that up by saying, “if the Supreme Court does overturn Roe…he would push for Congress to pass a bill guaranteeing protections under Roe, and that he’d be willing to sign it into law.”

Heck, I’m not even Catholic, but most of my friends are, so I know that dog won’t hunt. Information on this subject was easy to find on the internet.

Liberal Wikipedia states that, according to Canon Law, Catholics who procure a completed abortion are subject to excommunication. (Latin words omitted.)

They went on to state that “according to… Cardinal Ratzinger, Catholic politicians who consistently campaign and vote for permissive abortion laws should be informed by their priest…to refrain from receiving the Eucharist or risk being denied it until they end such activity.”

The position has been supported by Archbishop Burke and Pope Francis. While their positions do not factor into my opinions of abortion, there are supposedly over 70 million Catholics in America, or 22% of the population, that it should.

Since the Roe v Wade decision, it’s estimated over 63 million babies have been aborted, according to one analysis by the National Right to Life committee, or about 14 million potential Catholics.

It could also be reasoned allowing abortions may be racist, as Black women, making up about 6% of the U.S. population, have nearly 28% of the abortions.

Sadly, that equals to a startling 18 million Black babies having been aborted since 1973.

My personal opinion is abortion is improper and immoral. This is still America so I’m entitled to that opinion. It is understandable why “Jane” might find herself in a situation where she believes an abortion is justified, but that is between “Jane” and her maker. There are plenty of people who want desperately to adopt.

The government taking my tax money to fund organizations such as Planned Parenthood, knowing full well there are millions of Americans like me who abhor abortion, is an insult to all pro-life citizens, and must be halted.

In closing, I’m reminded of a narrative.

A devoutly religious man was praying fervently to God to deliver another Messiah to save the world from all its strife.

“I did,” the Lord answered.

“But, Almighty one, where is this person?” asked the man.

“You aborted her,” the Lord answered.

Editor’s Note: Alan N. Webber is a resident of Scottsdale.


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  • jason.alexander

    Mr. Webber's entire article focuses on his feelings, his politics, his dictum. ******** is about women, their bodies, their sovereignty, their lives, their futures being dictated by men.

    Tuesday, May 10 Report this