Independent Examination

The Greenburg files: Is there a file on you?

Scottsdale moms stumble upon political Google Drive trove

Posted 11/9/21

A group of mothers in the Scottsdale Unified School District community are questioning an online dossier that has digital connections to school board President Jann-Michael Greenburg and his father, Mark.

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Independent Examination

The Greenburg files: Is there a file on you?

Scottsdale moms stumble upon political Google Drive trove


UPDATED CORRECTION: In the below article, Independent Newsmedia published a link to the Google Drive that was provided to them by the Scottsdale Unified School District parents featured in this article. The parents said they copied the drive from the original link that SUSD school board member Jann Michael Greenburg shared a screenshot picture while communicating SUSD business with parent Kim Stafford in an email. The parents said they copied a mirror copy of the drive in the event the original link’s privacy settings were later changed.

A group of mothers in the Scottsdale Unified School District community are questioning an online dossier that has digital connections to school board President Jann-Michael Greenburg and his father, Mark.

The Greenburgs deny any involvement or knowledge of the Google Drive in question, however the active link to the site was made private around 11 a.m. Nov. 9, after Independent Newsmedia called the family.

The digital dossier is housed on Google Drive and contains content, including photos of district parents and at least one minor, personal financial documents, including professional certifications, and mortgage statements.

The Google Drive shows these people linked to the account:

  • Mark Greenburg is owner of the Google Drive
  • Jann-Michael Greenburg
  • A person email address belonging to SUSD governing board member Zachary Lindsay
  • A Scottsdale woman whom the Independent has not yet verified.

In addition, the Google Drive’s settings allowed for “anyone with a link” to access documents.

Content and documents obtained by Independent Newsmedia show those behind the Google Drive are tracking people in public places and keeping documentation.

“I categorically deny having anything to do with any of this. If you are going to claim in a story right now, that I had anything to do with this, I would argue that crosses the line,” Jann-Michael said, while his father was also on the call.

“We are going to have forensic IT staff look into this and figure out what that is. You can file with law enforcement, I am not sure even why we are looking at these photos.”

Greenburg refutes having any knowledge of any of the content obtained by Independent Newsmedia.

When asked if perhaps his father, Mark, has access to the Google Drive in question.

“I am not my father’s keeper and I think that has been made clear previously,” he said of previous issues regarding a parody website aimed at former SUSD board member Barbara Perleberg. “I have been sent screenshots on what is done on CAN. I have been sent videos, and, yes, from parents, including my own father. Yes, people send me emails and text messages, but I don’t store them and I don’t know who stores them if that is what you are asking.”

Jann-Michael Greenburg has filed to run for reelection in the November 2022; in addition to five other potential candidates seeking a spot on the school board, Maricopa County records show. 

According to the group of Scottsdale moms, the Google Drive was first unearthed in August when Jann-Michael Greenburg reportedly sent a screenshot of an image from the drive to resident Kim Stafford in an email.

The URL to the Google Drive was viewable, and the SUSD parents followed it.

“What is the end goal for him?” asked Scottsdale resident and mother Trish Olson. “Why would a grown man in his position be gathering this information, pictures of our children, our girls, and holding onto this information?”

Lindsay also denies having any involvement or knowledge of the Google Drive.

Lindsay confirms the email address found within the network is a personal address of his, however, he says it currently has 160,000 unread emails.

One video obtained by Independent Newsmedia is particularly distressing, Olson said, as it appears to show Mark Greenburg on Aug. 24 taking photographs of parents and children all while keeping his face hidden under a helmet and motorcycle gear.

The incident occurred at Coronado High School, 7501 E. Virginia Ave., in the hours prior to a regular scheduled school board meeting. The parents were involved in a protest regarding the district's policies at the time after a previous meeting had been cut short following parent disruptions.

“They don’t know it’s me ... I covered up my license plate,” Mark Greenburg says in the video, in which he’s wearing a body camera on his motorcycle jacket.

Mark Greenburg also says, in the same video: “Somewhere around here we have a private investigator who’s writing down all of their plates,” before confirming on video that he hired the private investigator.

“I had a law firm do it so that it’s protected so that we can get the information,” Greenburg said.

The information and documents contained in the Google Drive are, mostly, public record — from recordings to scrolling social media threads to bankruptcy filings, the Google Drive includes hundreds of compiled documents on specific community members.

Mark Greenburg is no stranger to controversy in the district. He used to own a parody website aimed  at former SUSD board President Perleberg. He also has a 2021 lawsuit recorded in Maricopa County Superior Court with Scottsdale resident Emily Austin, where the two are suing each other for false light, among other things. Austin alleges Greenburg used fake aliases online — a tactic used on social media — and allegedly called her a “racist anti-Semite.”

The SUSD moms accuse the Greenburgs of using fake accounts in this documents, as well.

Independent Newsmedia compiled various clips from Aug. 24 of what appears to be Mark Greenburg's body-worn camera. Although Greenburg's face is not  seen in a series of videos, in one clip the person wearing the camera is seen talking to Jann-Michael who says "hi dad" to the camerman. In another clip, the man speaks to three women outside of Coronado High School, where they discuss Scottsdale mother Amanda Wray.

Amanda Wray walks Lead News Editor Melissa Rosequist through a small portion of digital content found upon the Google Drive owned by Greenburg. At right is Trish Olson, a Scottsdale parent targeted by political opponents.


On the drive is personal information, records and photographs of about 47 different people who are either a parent of a district student, a former elected leader of the district or political opponent, content obtained by Independent Newsmedia shows.

One of those is Kim Stafford, who during electronic communication noticed a Google Drive in the screen-shot Jann-Michael Greenburg sent to her while reprimanding her, documents show. Stafford sent the image on.

“I received a copy of the screenshot and sent it to a friend as I am not all that tech savvy, but I know what a Google Drive is,” said Amanda Wray, an administrator for the CAN group on Facebook. “He sent a live link back. And, I was shocked at what I saw... There are 47 different people in there. I saw pictures of my children, other people’s children. This is cyberstalking.”

There are numerous documents, screenshots and images of Wray throughout the Google Drive, many stemming from the CAN group.

A legal definition of cyberstalking? The use of electronic communication to harass or threaten someone with physical harm, is a general one.

In Arizona, cyberstalking laws are defined in Section 13-2923 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. In addition, the threshold for breaking the law may be defined similar to “harassment” as conduct that is directed at a specific person and that would cause a reasonable person to be seriously alarmed, annoyed, or harassed.

Furthermore, one who is found to be guilty of violating Arizona Revised Statue in regard to cyberstalking can be fined up $1,000 per infraction and one year in jail.

Wray says she believes there is no way for this to be construed any other way than cyberstalking — and not against just her.

“It was absolutely terrifying to see the dedication of someone stalking you and your children,” she said. “He’s sharing our information outside of the district. Does he know everything about me and my kids? Does he know my child’s emergency contact at school? Does he know my kids allergies? He has no legitimate purpose to be collecting and sharing this information”

Photo by Arianna Grainey/Independent Newsmedia
Photo by Arianna Grainey/Independent Newsmedia
‘A file identifying my daughter’

The history of the Google Drive appears to begin publicly on Aug. 11, when Scottsdale resident Kim Stafford emailed Jann-Michael Greenburg with copies of that email sent to SUSD Superintendent Dr. Scott Menzel, Governing Board Vice President Julie Cieniawski and SUSD parent Amy Carney.

According to Stafford, Greenburg made a false claim about her in an email to Carney, which is now eligible to a public record’s request. Stafford says out of an abundance of caution, she emailed the district to have it be public record that she refuted the claims made by the school board president about her.

Stafford’s daughter attended SUSD schools prior, but come time for high school, her daughter chose to attend Notre Dame Prep.

The email exchange between Jann-Michael Greenburg and Stafford ensued through the next day, when Jann-Michael Greenburg reportedly sent the “screenshot,” which he used to refute her claims.

The folder within the Google Drive is titled “Kim Stafford Crews on Anti Islamic”

“The fact you have a Google Drive folder with my name on it is on the one hand fascinating, on the other disturbing. In an earlier email you claimed I have an obsession with you, but the screenshot you attached of your folder suggests your allegation may have been a deflection. I politely reiterate my suggestion your time would be better utilized on SUSD governing business. It is regrettable this entire email chain is subject to an open records request since it does not reflect well on the professionalism of the SUSD board president,” Stafford wrote in the Aug. 12 email.

In the email exchange Jann-Michael Greenburg says members of SUSD CAN “hold extremely bigoted views and your obsession with me can only be described as antisemitic.” Throughout the writings, Greenburg brings up antisemitism more than once.

Jann-Michael Greenburg alleges he was blocked from the SUSD CAN Facebook page.

It appears, in the August emails between Greenburg and Stafford, he has used captures of screen images of comments made by Stafford to prove why her point is not relevant.

On the drive

One screenshot on the Google Drive is of a Facebook conversation with Kathleen Angelos, who was a candidate in the 2020 SUSD board election, where Lindsay and Cieniawski were elected.

The screenshot is from Mark Greenburg’s account, in which he and Angelos are arguing on one of his posts. Mark Greenburg is chatting with Zach Lindsay’s personal Facebook page, telling Lindsay he’s “baiting her” and calling Angelos “stupid.”

Lindsay responds with a screenshot of another post saying, “and then there’s this.”

The drive contained screen recordings on Facebook pages and posts. Dozens of videos obtained by Independent Newsmedia show scrolling through Facebook threads, clicking on comments, essentially saving forever any written communication people make on social media so even if they delete their message, the Greenburgs have a record.

There are many folders and screenshots of comments and communication with Scottsdale resident Paula Sturgeon. Other attacks are against former SUSD board member Pam Kirby; south Scottsdale parent Edmond Richard, who speaks out on funding and Title 1 issues, is also among those targeted.

In one folder, titled “Schild Angry Footage,” is a presentation with allegations of community member Christine Schild.

There is more than one folder titled “SUSD Wackos.” A folder is also titled “Cieniawski and those jew donors.”

Another folder in the drive shows the face of a former PTO president, with a quote from them about minorities contrasted with a photo of a lynching.  According to Wray and the other mothers, this PTO president resigned over online harassment.

A version of one of these images is on Mark Greenburg’s Facebook page, and shows it was uploaded Aug. 24.

A December 2020 Motor Vehicle Record is another document included on the drive for a Phoenix resident, which includes date of birth, driver’s license number and myriad other personal data.

At the recent Kiva Elementary Schoo, 6911 E. McDonald Drive, dedication ceremony is Greenburg and fellow school board member Zachary Lindsay.

Sitting ducks

Among all the documents and screenshots is bodycam footage that is mostly allegedly Mark Greenburg riding a motorcycle.

In some of the footage, he’s taking photos of people from afar as they protested Aug. 24 outside Coronado High School.

In the video referenced at the top of this story, Mark Greenburg talks with three unidentified women, who tell him that Wray “complained” to police about him.

“She’s already complained that she’s worried about you being here and that you’ve threatened her in the past,” a masked woman tells Mark Greenburg on Aug. 24.

“She doesn’t know that’s me, though,” Greenburg says in response. Later in the video he denies “ever” threatening anyone.

Greenburg then tells the women Wray was one of the first vehicles in the Coronado High School parking lot that afternoon.

“And I pulled my motorcycle directly facing her car — and she has no idea that I even have a motorcycle — and I covered up my license plate. She’s just a lunatic,” Greenburg says.

Later in the conversation, he asks the woman if she would sign an affidavit that she overheard this conversation between the  officer and Wray take place.

In an interview with the Independent, Wray says she asked the police department to inquire about the man covered up with a helmet who taking photos of SUSD parents and children.

“We were told we couldn’t be in the board room because of safety concerns, and now we’re outside and we’re sitting ducks? And there’s something suspicious, and they’re like, ‘He has a right to be here,’” Wray said.

Greenburg, in an interview with the Independent, also spoke about safety at the school board meetings. He maintains the SUSD CAN group has published Greenburg’s personal information, including his grandparents’ address.

“The reality is that these are public figures in our community, to the extent that they are. I do worry about my personal safety to the extent I am showing up to board meetings with a bullet-proof vest," Jann-Michael Greenburg said. "So, yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone was tracking their activities, I wouldn’t be surprised.”


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  • Groverindependent

    Greenburg should resign.

    Wednesday, November 10, 2021 Report this

  • AndreaKeck

    It's time for Jann Michael Greenburg to resign as the President of the SUSD Governing Board. His involvement/responsibility for these alleged heinous actions will hopefully be determined in short order by the legal system. Nonetheless, his actions have become a HUGE distraction for the Board, and reflect poorly on the Board, the District, and their professed values of trust and integrity. He needs to step aside and deal with his personal issues, and let the Board move forward with its focus on achieving academic excellence for our students without this ever-growing distraction.

    Thursday, November 11, 2021 Report this

  • Partyof5

    He needs to resign immediately

    Friday, November 12, 2021 Report this