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Stanton: Scottsdale Area Chamber endorses SUSD override


Scottsdale Unified School District needs your support. November, a continuation of the SUSD M&O override is on the ballot. It does not increase taxes and is critical for our students, neighborhoods and our economy. Research has shown that high-quality public district schools not only set our children on the path to being college and career ready, but strong public schools also dramatically increase property values, contribute to business attraction and employee retention, and enhance a community’s quality of life.

The M&O override helps to maintain SUSD’s current class size ratios and full-day kindergarten. It supports the programs that make SUSD a district of excellence, including music, fine arts, world languages and athletics. Voting yes will benefit our educators by providing additional professional development and well-deserved competitive compensation.

The Scottsdale area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors endorses the M&O override, and we ask you to join us in voting yes to support our students and teachers while maintaining our community’s quality of life and high property values. Everything – from the value of your home to our ability to attract new business and high value employment – hinges on the quality of our schools.

Editor’s note: This letter was co-written with Michelle Pabis, Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors chair, and submitted on behalf of the board of directors.