Some Sun City residents want exchange meeting back

Believe people will speak up more


Some Sun City residents want the Recreation Centers of Sun City Board of Directors to alter their meeting format again.

Last year the RCSC board approved a new meeting policy that eliminated the early month member/director exchange meeting and its closed door workshop meetings. The board adopted a two-meeting month schedule with both gatherings open to cardholders. That left no closed door meetings except for executive sessions.

But two people made a request to get the exchange meetings back.

“I was one of the ones last year who supported more open meetings,” said resident Karen Schuermann. “But now I don’t think the first meeting of the month is functional.”

RCSC officials believed by changing the format cardholders who start attending meetings in greater numbers. While there was an attendance increase following the April 2019 change, it tapered off toward the end of last year and early this year. In addition, the meeting agendas were sparse in the past two months. The Feb. 10 meeting had no action on the agenda.

“For the last meeting (Jan. 30) it took me longer to drive down here than the meeting lasted,” Ms. Schuermann said.

Gene Westemeier, a former RCSC board member and president, agreed the board’s first meeting of the month should be less formal.

“You’re up there on the stage and I’m down here in the pit,” Mr. Westemeier said.

Ms. Schuermann believes a less formal first meeting would help people feel better about speaking up.

“This setting is kind of intimidating for some people,” she said.