Scottsdale City Council supports emergency proclamation, extends emergency declaration


Scottsdale’s elected leaders unanimously voted to continue the emergency proclamation declared by Mayor Jim Lane one week ago.

The City Council called a special March 24 meeting pursuant to Scottsdale Revised Code section 10-3 to consider revoking or continuing the emergency declaration Mr. Lane made on March 18 as a result of COVID-19.

The action to continue the declaration, approved by a 7-0 roll call vote conducted via telephone, will keep the proclamation in place until the emergency is later revoked or terminated by another mayoral proclamation or the majority vote of the City Council.

The proclamation and declaration of emergency is the municipality’s response to the spread of the coronavirus, and outlines steps for Scottsdale City Manager Jim Thompson to take in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, obtain financial aid and take all lawful action necessary to respond to the emergency.

The four steps outlined in the proclamation include:

  1. Deems a state of emergency exists in Scottsdale due to COVID-19;
  2. Authorizes the city manager or his designee to take all lawful actions necessary to respond to the emergency, and take all appropriate action to mitigate the effects and spread of COVID-19, among other things;
  3. Authorizes the city manager or his designee to declare that procurements related to mitigating the effects or spread of COVID-19 or related to assisting the city and its residence with the effects of the virus to be emergency procurements and authorize the suspension of procurement rules and policies;
  4. Authorize the city manager or his designee to seek and obtain financial and other forms of aid, relief and assistance from federal, state and county authorities, to create utility assistance programs and/or limit utility shutoffs, in addition to providing necessary assistance in executing the City of Scottsdale Emergency Operations Plan to the extent required by the emergency.

The City Council meeting was brief --- less than nine minutes long --- as the council members gave verbal support for city staff members handling this situation.

“I would like to say that I would thank our Charter officers and our staff for the way they have implemented this over the last week or so. I find that their work and their actions in this very difficult time has been an amazing accomplishment,” said Vice Mayor Kathy Littlefield.

“They have achieved some wonderful, sunning results. We couldn’t have done this without our talented city employees, my hat is off to you along with my sincere thanks. You’ve truly stepped up to the plate and given your all in this very difficult time for us.”

Councilwoman Suzanne Klapp noted that she appreciated all of the work the city staff and the mayor have done during the difficult time.

Additionally, Councilmember Virginia Korte wished everyone good health, meanwhile councilmembers Linda Milhaven and Solange Whitehead stated their thanks. Councilman Guy Phillips said he had no comment to provide.

Mr. Lane said he concurred with the actions taken as well, pointing out the speed and coordination taken by the state of Arizona, Gov. Doug Ducey and other municipalities working with the health services sector to approach a response to COVID-19.

“From an administrative standpoint, I’d certainly like to say that the city manager has put together a great team and done a great job communicating well. We hope to continue that on all levels as we move forward,” Mr. Lane said. “Communication is a very important component of this, and I think we have, as an organization done a great job of that.”

As of March 25, six Arizona residents have reportedly died from COVID-19, and there have been 401 cases across the state.

Through actions by Gov. Ducey, all restaurants in Maricopa County are required to provide dine-out options only; and bars, movie theaters and gyms are closed.
In addition, all Arizona schools are closed through Friday, April 10.

On March 24, Scottsdale announced all city buildings except the City Court, Granite Reef Senior Center, and Vista del Camino Food Bank will be closed to the public.