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Richards: It seems here rules made to be broken


When I moved to Sun City West retirement area, I was under the impression that with age came wisdom, maturity and integrity. Boy was I wrong!

Here the rule is — rules are made not to follow but to break! Police, county, HOAs and CC&RS have minimal authority, if any. They look for ways to minimize the rules to make it easier for them to work, also to have no confrontation with the people.

Another rule is money over safety takes precedence. I have seen it in many situations, like a bush or wall or something on every corner so you can’t see what is coming. Also readjusting timing of traffic lights to accommodate poor driving habits. An example is Bell Road and R.H. Johnson Boulevard.

Another thing I have witnessed is people putting so many chairs, benches, flower pots, whether empty or planted in their front yard. Also empty garbage cans sitting out on driveway.

Garage sales out of control, but if done tastefully that’s OK. But most look like an unorganized flea market! People parking cars on front yard in gravel for sale or in between houses to park because driveway is full is in very bad taste and against CC&Rs. Campers parked on street for too long is a whole other issue!

Another issue is people not getting palms trimmed and cropped when they need it and their bushes and trees trimmed in a timely manner,

Is this the kind of area you want to live in? Appearance and safety should be the rule! People moving in this area need to know rules and be prepared to follow them! Do the right thing for the good people! It may cost more money to make it right but it would be worth it. It’s inevitable anyway!

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