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Pace: I fight for the quality of life in Paradise Valley

Everyone knows me as a doer and I have a reputation for being a very hard worker for the town. I have more to do to work with my peers to protect the scenic beauty and mountain vistas unique to our town.
– Julie Pace, Paradise Valley vice mayor

I am proud to currently serve as your vice mayor. I am running for re-election to Town Council because I love Paradise Valley and have a passion for preserving our quality of life.

Our town is at risk with the tensions of developers pushing for higher density and the influx of short term rentals. My top priority is to protect, enhance and set the pace for the quality of life for all Paradise Valley residents.

My actions and voting record strongly support the strength I bring to the Town Council and our residents. I have worked to:

  1. Stop party houses.
  2. Stop short term rentals.
  3. Increase options to stop pass through traffic in neighborhoods.
  4. I successfully led residents to stop the 64-foot high structure that was proposed to be built high up on Camelback Mountain. The project would have changed forever the view of Camelback Mountain.
  5. Stop our town from being Scottsdale. No offense to our neighbors in Scottsdale and their density, but Paradise Valley is unique with its one house per acre zoning, low density, no commercial businesses, and no property tax. We want to keep the paradise in Paradise Valley!
  6. Stop a three story hotel from building outdoor balconies overlooking single family one-acre residences.
  7. Stop destruction and elimination of the landscaped medians and middle turn lane on McDonald Street.
  8. Stop opioids from being sold at entry to the town.
  9. Stop legislation that adversely impacts our town’s quality of life.
  10. Support a buffer between single family residences and resorts.
  11. Support responsible development to preserve views of our mountains and unique residential character of our town.
  12. Restrict dynamiting on our mountains that earned me the name of “No Blast Julie.”
  13. Support undergrounding of utilities and oppose efforts to destroy the beautiful vistas we all enjoy with unsightly vertical infrastructure.
  14. Support safety in all its forms in our town: in your home, in your vehicle, on your bike, walking and on the street.
  15. Strongly support our concierge police department.
  16. Develop a construction security checklist.
  17. Assist with development of House of Worship Committee while serving as Chair of ACOPS.
  18. Develop a Hillside Safety checklist to address drainage and boulder safety.
  19. Support drainage and stormwater infrastructure and improvements.
  20. Support fiscal conservatism and good financial stewardship.
  21. Support paying down pension fund to save money for our residents.
  22. Support residents working together to solve issues.
  23. Develop and build community in numerous ways.
  24. Support the success and beauty of our world-class resorts.
    It has been one of my greatest honors to support and assist the trustees of the Paradise Valley Mountain Preservation Trust. We have worked together to rebrand with a new expanded name to include all the mountains and develop the “first ever” recognition event for the town donors who gave over 235 acres to the PVMPT Trust so residents could enjoy mountain vistas in their natural state.

We have worked to foster development of a children’s book called “The Story of Camelback Mountain” written by Pam Hait and Estelle Cohen and illustrations by Sebastien Millon.

One hundred percent of the proceeds benefit PVMPT Trust. And, we are working to commission a sculpture by Ed Mell to be installed at Town Hall to recognize donor of land and money to the PVMPT Trust.

I have been so fortunate to serve residents and I am proud of the accomplishments and decisions I have made to make a difference for our town’s quality of life. I have served as chair of ACOPS committee for two years, currently devote significant efforts to working with the PVMPT Trust, and in January, I was unanimously supported as vice mayor for the town.

Everyone knows me as a doer and I have a reputation for being a very hard worker for the town. I have more to do to work with my peers to protect the scenic beauty and mountain vistas unique to our town.

Our General Plan is coming up for a redo. The General Plan is critical for determining the future of how our town looks and operates. I want to be involved in that process to protect residents’ interests.

And, I enjoy working with my peers to conduct due diligence and achieve the best results for our town. It is truly a team effort with a great town manager, experienced staff, fabulous Mayor Jerry, and great council peers to work with to accomplish goals.

This is a 100% volunteer position so please support the town you love by voting for me on Aug. 4.

Please feel free to contact me at jpace@paradisevalleyaz.gov or visit www.paceforpv.com

Editor’s Note: Julie Pace is the vice mayor of Paradise Valley.