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Pace: Always straight with voters


Residents know I am the straightforward candidate for mayor. I do not confuse or use smoke and mirrors to distract voters from truth or the issues.

My opponent’s latest attack is to use surrogates to criticize me for communicating my message of preserving Paradise Valley using robo-calls.

I have used robo-calls in my election to town council in 2016 and my re-election in 2020. And, in 2020, the mayor endorsed my re-election and complimented me on being a fiscal conservative and collaborative problem-solver.

They also criticize me for being the only Republican mayoral candidate. I am a fourth generation Arizonan, life-long Barry Goldwater Republican, support law enforcement and have been active in civic engagement my entire life. I am known for achieving bi-partisan successes working with stakeholders.

I worked on the Kids Voting initiative. At 18, I was a deputy registrar who met people in homes and sat at tables at Bashas to register voters regardless of party affiliation.

I celebrate involvement of all citizens in the public process. I work successfully across party lines to achieve results including with my husband, a Democrat, who worked on Capitol Hill in DC for 12 years.

I have never hidden my party affiliation. Why would my opponent suggest not being transparent with residents? Non-partisan does not mean hiding experiences and connections a person can bring to the table to benefit our town and residents.

For example, Councilmember Ellen Andeen’s and my Republican connections were critical to stop the 45% increase in Epcor water rates. That was good for PV.

My opponent has been derisive about Republicans, legislators and the Governor. That is his First Amendment right. But, in the role of mayor, that attitude harms our town especially at the Legislature.

Effectiveness in advocating for the town’s interests in the Legislature is key. I have the horsepower and connections at the Legislature to help our town.
My opponent does not share a party affiliation with any member of the Legislature. That leaves him without any natural allies from partisan connections from which to build a base of support for attempted advocacy in the Legislature.

Independent voters are important and an option for voters, but in the role of mayor, not being a member of either party reduces one’s effectiveness at the Legislature. We have heard this criticism about our mayor for years from elected officials and lobbyists.

I have been active in legislative matters for decades. I have a track record of being engaged in the successful enactment of more than 10 laws passed by the Legislature. My roots in Paradise Valley, Phoenix and the east Valley, my leadership positions in the Republican Party, Arizona Chamber of Commerce, East Valley Partnership, and numerous industry trade associations create relationships that are invaluable.

Building support, utilizing relationships with allies, and creative out-of-the-box solutions are what I am known for in community affairs and in 30 years as a lawyer representing businesses. The Arizona Business Magazine named me as one of the 10 most influential lawyers in Arizona.

I don’t hold grudges and have no time for jealousy or insecurity in others. I focus on getting results, which is why I am a successful lawyer for companies.

And, I believe there is always common ground if you work hard enough to find it and that leads to solutions.

Paradise Valley faces real challenges to preserve our unique community. Please vote for Julie Pace for mayor and read about my 8-point plan at paceforpv.com.