Documents: Michigan student says he reported doctor's abuse


ANN ARBOR, Michigan (AP) — A former University of Michigan student whose 2018 complaint that a late doctor at the school had molested him during medical exams for routine injuries decades ago says he complained at the time to his wrestling coach and the school's athletic director about the sexual abuse, according to documents released Friday by the prosecutor's office.

The student also recalled the doctor being known as “Dr. Drop your drawers Anderson" by athletes in the 1970s, according to the documents released to The Associated Press by Michigan prosecutors who reviewed a campus police investigation of the allegations against the late Dr. Robert E. Anderson.

The university's president this week to "anyone who was harmed" by Anderson. Mark Schlissel's comment came a day after the school announced that it had launched an investigation into the doctor's behavior following abuse allegations from five former patients.


Foody reported from Chicago. Dunklin reported from Dallas.