Classes provide insights on wellness

Cognitive decline can be presented, reversed


A three-part series of no cost community classes about living free of dementia and enjoying wellness for a lifetime will be presented by Dr. Timothy Gerhart, local author of the recently published book ”Living Free of Dememtia” and Founder of Renovare Brain Wellness Clinic.

Dr. Gerhart will also teach from his recently revised and updated book entitled “Seven Steps to Wellness.”

All classes are 6:30 p.m. Fridays at Renovare Wellness By Design, 18969 N. 83rd Ave., Peoria, Suite 1. “Living Free of Dementia: Natural Solutions to Living Free of Anxiety, Depression and Sleep Problems” is Jan. 24; “Living Free of Dementia: Natural Solutions to Living Free of FatigRenovare Wellness by Design, ue, Concussion and Brain Fog” is Feb. 28; and “Living Free of Dementia: Natural Solutions to Living Free of Digestive Problems: IBS, IBD, Colitis, Constipation and Autoimmune Disease” is March 27.

Seating is limited. Call to register and reserve a seat at 623-776-0206.


“Together, we learn how to solve the puzzle to prevent and sometimes even reverse cognitive decline for peak brain perfomance,” Dr. Gerhart said.

Prevention and sometimes reversal of dementia is often possible through therapeutic lifestyle change. Dementia can be developed over many years as a result of lifestyles failing to meet people’s unique needs. The classes focus on the root causes of brain degeneration and what can be done about it and will present ways to solve the puzzle of why people suffer and how to help. Class participants can learn how to balance their brain and nervous system so calm and peaceful become their new norm, along with enjoying improved deep restful sleep. They will also learn natural solutions to healing  the effects of “silent concussions” and how to address the root causes of brain fog. They will hear about the newest research in the importance of keeping the largest organ, the microbiome, functioning efficiently to support high–level brain energy, the immune system and digestive issues.

Dr. Gerhart, DC, DABCI, Dipl AC, BCN is a chiropractic internist who is board certified in  acupuncture and neurofeedback. He has more than 35 years of experience dedicated to teaching physicians and patients how to solve the puzzle of why they suffer with chronic disease, fatigue, pain, anxiety, depression, poor memory and concentration by getting to the root of the problems. Dr Gerhart added years of training in functional neurology, functional medicine, blood testing and advanced laboratory diagnostics to better understand the underlying causes of chronic disease and brain decline.

Dr. Gerhart is the published author of four books — “Seven Steps to Wellness,” “Change your Brain, Transform Your Life,” “Why Am I Not Right Since My Concussion” and “Living Free of Dementia: Solving the Puzzle to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline.”

Editor’s Note: Ms. Marshall is a Renovare Wellness By Design spokeswoman.