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Caputi: Answering question about Old Town parking


I want to share a great example of how we are solving parking challenges in Old Town.

A recent newsletter from COGS asks: “There will now be five restaurants in a half-block area. American Taco, Arcadia Farms, Arcadia Farms Market, [the new] Du Couer, and the unknown restaurant where Arcadia Farms used to be. Where are all those people going to be parking?”

I worked with our City’s director of Public Works to help answer these residents. The numbers in the 2015 parking study for the area bounded by Indian School on the north, 2nd Street on the south, Scottsdale Rd on the east and 69th Street on the west are: 169 spaces in publicly-owned parking lots, 130 spaces in a public garage, 394 on-street spaces and 1190 spaces in privately-owned lots, for a total of 1,883 spaces.

These numbers are eight years old, and development has caused some changes, but they are still close. They do not include the 155 spaces at Museum Square that will be built, the additional 33 spaces we will get in the Stagebrush Theater surface lot, and the 55 spaces we get from the Artisan development.

Just on the block that is the subject of the email, we have 28 public on-street spaces and 113 spaces in private lots.

Thanks for asking this great question COGS. I’m thrilled our city provides so much parking throughout this section of Old Town. And how exciting to have so many dining choices in Old Town! Five restaurants within a half-block, all walking distance from residences and galleries, this is how we create an exciting live/work/play vibe for a vibrant downtown!

Editor's note: Submitted in Councilwoman Caputi's newsletter.