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Campana: Scottsdale students need your investment


Scottsdale students need you. Your investment. And the ROI is outstanding. Vote “yes” with enthusiasm! 

Our Scottsdale Unified School District has carefully stewarded our budget for new buildings, enhanced classrooms, better campuses. It shows. 

But this override is about the students. The almost intangible that enhances learning, things like music, the fine arts, world languages. My grandsons chose Mohave for their middle school experience. Their criteria? Continued Spanish immersion. And an orchestral strings program. This override has got them covered. 

Athletics, sure. But professional staff to lead them into a high-tech future.Class sizes that are manageable. All-day kindergarten. 

And after COVID and our home-school experience, I know our teachers deserve the most competitive salaries. 

As a former mayor, we knew the value of great schools when high-paying employees were moving their businesses to our state. Scottsdale recruited and retained the best.  

I’ve lived here 50 years and had kids and grandkids in our great schools half that time. This SUSD override is a small increase with a huge return. Support our Scottdale kids.

I’m excited to vote “yes” on the Special Budget Override. Please join us. I thank you. My grandkids thank you.