ADHS: Peoria area ZIP codes have 33,651 COVID-19 cases, up 26% since June


Arizona Department of Health Services reported 2,742 new coronavirus cases and 108 new deaths Saturday, for a total of 1,064,346 cases and 19,487 deaths.

In the Peoria area, cases are at 33,651 compared with 32,769 this time a week ago, a difference of 882, according to Arizona Department of Health Services.

This is an increase of about 26% since the beginning of June, and 34% since the beginning of April.

Over 90% of cases were mapped to the address of the patient's residence. If the patient's address was unknown the case was mapped to the address of the provider followed by the address of the reporting facility

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The coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms such as fever and cough for most people. The vast majority of people who are diagnosed with COVID-19 recover.

But for some — especially older adults and people with existing health problems — it can cause more severe illness including pneumonia, and death.

Here is the breakdown of COVID-19 cases for ZIP codes that include Peoria and some surrounding areas, according to ADHS:

Sept. 18

85342: n/a
85345: 10,094
85373: 2,035
85380: n/a
85381: 3,883
85382: 5,765
85383: 9,580
85385: n/a
85387: 2,294

Sept. 10

85342: n/a
85345: 9,854
85373: 1,964
85380: n/a
85381: 3,813
85382: 5,622
85383: 9,326
85385: n/a
85387: 2,190