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AG Mayes acknowledges she has total say over …

PHOENIX — She won’t use the word “decriminalization” to describe the fact she won’t ever prosecute any doctor who performs abortion. But in an extensive interview with Capitol Media Services, Attorney General Kris Mayes acknowledged that a new executive order by Gov. Hobbs gives her — and her alone — total say over enforcement of all criminal laws that govern the procedure. County attorneys are stripped of their ability to decide whether to bring charges.

Bill would pave way for journalist tribute

Don Bolles died doing the job he loved. But he wasn’t a policeman or fireman. Instead, he was a local newspaper reporter who lost his life after a car bomb exploded as he went to start his …

Plans underway for Bolles memorial in Phoenix

PHOENIX — State lawmakers took the first steps Wednesday to honoring assassinated reporter Don Bolles in the same way Arizona honors various veterans, pioneer women, the Ten Commandments and Jesuit missionary Father Kino.