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Hill: Science was created by god

In a split vote, the Peoria Unified governing board approved the procurement of updated textbook and curriculum materials for science and math.

Hill: Science doesn’t change

The science and math textbooks used in classrooms within the Peoria Unified School District are out of date, so officials are saying it’s time for a change in learning materials.

Glendale residents can now recycle glass, other new …

Glendale has expanded its array of recycling options for residents, including glass.

Supply chain issues hit Peoria again

Supply chain woes again have hit the city of Peoria, this time in conjunction with one of the city’s biggest projects — a reclaimed water pipeline system that is planned to deliver water to the northern part of the city.

Carlisle Construction Materials donates supplies to …

The Cosanti Foundation announced that it is the recent recipient of a major gift of energy-efficient roofing materials from Carlisle Construction Materials.

Recycling still healing from China 'Sword'

Due to the hemorrhage caused by strict recycling restrictions China imposed back in 2018, also known as the country’s “National Sword” policy, recycling revenues in Arizona dropped of the cliff, leaving some cities to pay for recycling or cut their programs.

Phoenix-area builders struggle to secure cement

The Valley’s building boom has seen it’s share of shortages, and the latest one may be cement. Cement prices have risen amid high demand as projects from homes to the massive …

Hazardous chemicals responsible for recent Mesa …

There has been a recent uptick in garbage truck related incidents in Mesa over the last 30 days caused by the placement of household hazardous materials in trash and recycle containers. The first …

Eyesore set for destruction in Old Town Peoria

A self-serve car wash that has been sitting shuttered for years in Old Town Peoria is about to be razed.

Bill requires teachers to list all classroom materials

PHOENIX — State senators voted Monday to enact specific new requirements for what schools and teachers have to make available to parents.

Peoria water facility moves into Phase 2 of expansion

The second expansion phase of the Beardsley Water Reclamation Facility is underway with a recent approval by the Peoria City Council of just under $10 million for MGC Contractors to complete the project.

Global supply chain disruptions affect north Peoria …

North Peoria residents are on the path to receive fire service improvements, but the upgrades have come with delays and extra cost because of global supply chain disruptions and other issues.