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Hobbs doesn’t approve of lawmakers taking Israel …

PHOENIX — Gov. Katie Hobbs took a slap Monday at state lawmakers from both parties who are taking a week off in the middle of the annual legislative session to go to Israel.

State senators block request to adjourn House for …

PHOENIX — State senators voted Thursday to deny a request to allow the state House to adjourn for more than a week to allow 17 of its members to take a trip to Israel.

Gilbert lawmaker introduces new version of home-cooked …

PHOENIX — Stung by a veto last year, Rep. Travis Grantham has introduced a new version of his proposal to expand what kinds of home-cooked foods can be sold to the public.

Hobbs will address home-cooked foods issue when …

PHOENIX — Gov. Katie Hobbs promises that she will finally address the question of people being able to sell home-cooked foods on the street when the Legislature reconvenes.

Hobbs won't say what she wants changed in 'cottage …

PHOENIX — Nearly two weeks after vetoing a widely popular bill to expand the sale of home-cooked foods, Gov. Katie Hobbs still won’t say what she wants changed in order to get her to sign a new version.

Arizona lawmakers struggling to keep minors from …

PHOENIX — State lawmakers are struggling to find a way to keep minors from accessing internet porn that’s legal, effective — and politically acceptable.

Hobbs to veto food tax legislation

PHOENIX — Gov. Katie Hobbs is going to veto legislation to block cities and towns from taxing groceries.

Grocery tax measure passes the House, now goes to the …

PHOENIX — The question of whether Arizonans will have to continue to pay sales taxes on groceries is now in the hands of Gov. Katie Hobbs.