SUSD recognizes partnerships with Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix police


Scottsdale Unified School District expressed its gratitude to the Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Phoenix police departments for their efforts at the district’s schools as part of National Police Week.

This week, May 10-16, is a chance for the nation to honor, remember and celebrate law enforcement agencies across the U.S. Prsident John F. Kennedy established the recognition in 1962, according to a press release.

SUSD works closely with the three police departments to oversee the safety and security of students, staff and facilities. These departments also provide policing guidance to district and school administrative teams.

SUSD enters into annual intergovernmental agreements with the Scottsdale and Phoenix police departments to provide middle schools and high schools with school resource officers.

These specially trained law enforcement professionals are valued members of each school community, providing information and advising principals, a release states.

SROs offer a watchful eye at school events, monitoring traffic around the school --- especially at start and dismissal times --- and overseeing security at large sporting events, recitals and other student performances that draw large crowds.

Although they are always available to advise and handle issues related to the law and safety, SROs offer so much more in the way of a trusted adult who is there for students, the district claims.

District officials say SUSD’s 11 SROs establish positive links with students, becoming role models and provide a way for young people to have a positive and beneficial connection to a police officer. Most recently, SROs have been assisting in SUSD’s weekly distribution of free meals for children in the community.

While SUSD has no grade 6 -12 schools within Paradise Valley’s boundaries, the district also maintains a close association with the town’s police department.

Paradise Valley officers can be found checking in often on Cherokee and Kiva elementary school activities, and its chief Peter Wingert is a key member of the SUSD stakeholder community. He is serving as a volunteer on the Kiva modernization bond project, providing his perspective to the committee that is working to identify key aspects of the school’s new campus design.