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Smith: We owe our children the best public education


Those who know me know that my one political agenda is supporting our district public schools in Arizona. We owe it to our community to provide our children with the best public education we can. We value an educated citizenry. An educated society enhances our quality of life and our property values. It’s in our best interest to be a community known for excellent public schools.

I see the big signs, too. I know who the supporters are: “Yes” voters are local community leaders, mayors, people rooted in Scottsdale who have had an experience with SUSD schools. They wrote support letters and op-eds to educate the public on the importance of funding our community schools.

I don’t know who the “no” supporters are. They didn’t pen any letters of opposition in the pamphlet. They don’t have names or faces. They are nobody, in my mind, but nameless, faceless political extremists who want to claim a stake to our city and our schools. They are not rooted here. They have no experience either attending or schooling their families in SUSD schools.

What they have is money. I have to wonder why they want to defund and dismantle our public schools. It’s not about helping kids, that much is for sure.

I spoke to seniors recently at the local senior center about the SUSD override. One hundred percent of those who raised a family here support and voted yes. That’s who we are in Scottsdale. We love this town. We don’t want short-term rentals popping up next door. We want families, and those families will not move here with underfunded schools.

Please continue to support SUSD schools. Be a voice and a face for what’s good for Scottsdale.