Peace Action endorses Scottsdale resident Anita Malik for Congress


Peace Action has announced its endorsement of Anita Malik for Congress in Arizona’s 6th Congressional District.

Peace Action is a national grassroots organization working to advance nuclear disarmament, promote government spending priorities that support human needs, encourage real security through international cooperation and human rights, and support nonmilitary solutions to international conflicts, according to a press release.

“I am proud to be endorsed by Peace Action,” said Ms. Malik in a prepared statement.

“In Congress, I plan to challenge the current foreign policy status quo. For nearly two decades, the United States has taken part in a growing number of military campaigns throughout the world that have only weakened our collective safety. The latest escalations with Iran further demonstrate the unsustainable nature of military approaches. One miscalculation can lead to unthinkable consequences. Only diplomacy and cooperative initiatives abroad can restore our international credibility and encourage peace and stability worldwide.”

Senior Director for Policy and Political Affairs, and PAC Director at Peace Action, Paul Kawika Martin says Peace Action is pleased to endorse Ms. Malik.

“She understands the value of promoting human rights and global cooperation. She plans to promote a foreign policy that upholds U.S. commitments to international agreements like the Iran nuclear accord and numerous nuclear disarmament treaties. She wants to fight for a world of nuclear disarmament, dialogue with adversaries as well as allies, and an end to the unnecessary U.S. wars of choice. She is the kind of leader Congress needs,” Mr. Martin said in a prepared statement.

Ms. Malik is a former technology executive and entrepreneur. She lives in Scottsdale with her husband James and their two young sons.