Nichols: No thank you, SouthBridge Two

My opposition to the Old Town Scottsdale project


Business owners in Old Town Scottsdale have questioned tourists about the impact of the continual pressure to build tall buildings like the Marquee and those proposed by Carter Unger.

He owns 10 acres of charming stores near the canal and 5th Avenue in Old Town.

He plans to bulldoze this and rebuild the area including two huge buildings over 150 feet tall.

Uniformly tourists replied that they will no longer come to Scottsdale. Kiss our tourism tax revenue good by.

Say goodbye to our art galleries, restaurants, small shops, and other businesses that cater to tourism.

Expect higher property taxes for home owners.

Preserve our Old Town Character. Tell the City Council NO.

Come to the City Council on Dec. 4 and make it clear that you oppose this.

Editor’s Note: John Nichols is a resident of Scottsdale.