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Nardozzi: Voicing my support for Janeen Connolly


My name is Deborah Nardozzi and I’m the AZ State Representative for Legislative District 8. I know what this job takes, and what qualities a candidate needs to possess to be successful in this role, which is why I’m asking you to support Janeen Connolly as our next AZ State Representative during the primary election held on July 30. 

Janeen has a wide breadth of experience, from environmental research and grassroots community engagement to working with businesses and utility companies. District 8 encompasses many diverse voices and issues. With Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, and the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian community inside the district borders, we need someone who can build upon these relationships and be a representative for us all. Janeen engages with our community, she shows up for us, and she brings stakeholders together. Please vote for Janeen Connolly for the primary on July 30th.  I know she’ll get the job done for us all.

Reader reactions, pro or con, are welcomed at AzOpinions@iniusa.org.