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Lincoln: Promising CD1 candidate


Neighbors, if you must vote early in the upcoming primary on July 30, do it, but not until you’ve done your legwork on Kim George.

She’s the candidate for U.S. House of Representatives CD1, the seat currently held by Rep. David Schweikert. I think we can all agree that it’s time for a new generation of leaders with integrity, with whom we can trust in positions of power in the community. And leaders who can inspire, motivate and lead.

Regardless of which party you’re affiliated with, if you’re in the middle like most of us, you’ll want to follow Kim. We’re so inundated with incumbents largely because the rest of us fail to do our due diligence on the challengers that do step up. If we would simply do that, we wouldn’t need term limits. Kim is stepping up and there are several scheduled events here locally, including meet and greets. If you’re interested or to check her out go to: kimgeorgeforarizona.com.

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